Open thread, 8/8, #Braves vs. Wilmer Valderramas

Tonight’s line-up just oozes with leadership. It’s not constructed with much sense, however, as the guy with the second worst OBP, Michael Bourn, is batting lead-off. Back to the bench for Eury Perez, who might develop into something useful if given a chance (3 SB in 40 games reflects on Fredi’s stationary style).

Folty, meanwhile, REALLY needs a good start. He’ll get some help with Andrelton back at short.

CD and I will be at the old ballyard, so if you’re anywhere near Section 414, Row 9 give us a holler. I’ll be wearing my old school Milwaukee Brewers cap.

Bourn (LF), Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Swisher (1B), Peterson, Garcia, Simmons, Folty


One comment

  1. Went to game tonight. Braves actually did it right for a change. With the exception of Mark Owens, very fun experience!

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