Open thread, 8/8, #Braves vs. Wilmer Valderramas

Tonight’s line-up just oozes with leadership. It’s not constructed with much sense, however, as the guy with the second worst OBP, Michael Bourn, is batting lead-off. Back to the bench for Eury Perez, who might develop into something useful if given a chance (3 SB in 40 games reflects on Fredi’s stationary style).

Folty, meanwhile, REALLY needs a good start. He’ll get some help with Andrelton back at short.

CD and I will be at the old ballyard, so if you’re anywhere near Section 414, Row 9 give us a holler. I’ll be wearing my old school Milwaukee Brewers cap.

Bourn (LF), Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Swisher (1B), Peterson, Garcia, Simmons, Folty


One thought on “Open thread, 8/8, #Braves vs. Wilmer Valderramas

  1. Went to game tonight. Braves actually did it right for a change. With the exception of Mark Owens, very fun experience!

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