Open Thread, Aug. 7 #Braves vs. Ferdie Pachecos

Hart and Coppy are like two 5-year-old boys. Dude’s do not sit still. In the ongoing purge of all things Wren, the Bravos have shipped Chris Johnson to Cleveland for the injured Nick Swisher, the declining Michael Bourn and enough cash to make the deal a financial wash, according to Bowman.

We finally get rid of CJ and get two more-or-less washed up veterans in return. But I don’t see a big downside. Bourn’s hitting .246 with a .313 OBP and 13 steals. CB thinks this trade dooms next season. I’m not sure how you conclude that. And I don’t see what first-rate outfielder the Braves might have acquired, anyway. Hart and Coppy are hyperactive, so who knows what’s to come.

Swisher and Bourn have options for 2017. But to reach them both would have to get 550 plate appearances next season. Seems highly unlikely. Anyway, I just don’t see a huge downside to this deal. I don’t necessarily see a big upside other than the Braves dump CJ, whom they really must despise. Maybe the dumb ass play the other night when he forgot how many outs there were, costing the team a run, was some kind of final straw. Bourn seems like a really cool guy, and Swisher is known as a good dude, as well.

The best part of tonight won’t be the game — though it’ll be fun to see how the Bravos can handle Fernandez and whether Julio can match him. What’ll be really cool is seeing the ’95 champs recognized tonight. Heard on 680 there will be more than 70 old Braves on hand this weekend for all the alumni festivities. That’s nice to see, even if the jack ass Rocker is among them.

Tonight’s lineup: Peterson, Castro, Markakis, Pierzynski, Maybin, Terdo 1b, Garcia, Cunningham, Julio. Braves must’ve promoted Cunningham to fill CJ’s roster spot for the moment.


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