Meet the 2016 Braves

We have a pretty good idea how the 2016 Braves will look, and that’s why I don’t like the trade with the Indians.

Bourn, Peterson, Markakis, Freddie, Olivera, Maybin, Simmons, Catcher TBD

Bourn and Swisher take up two roster spots. God forbid Jonny Gomes’s option vests because then you’ll have five outfielders under contract in 2016. Sure, you could trade Maybin but I’m not sure the return would be worth it.

The Braves have left themselves with little flexibility for next year. Unless they bring in a superstar catcher, which isn’t happening, 2016 is going to look a lot like 2015.


5 thoughts on “Meet the 2016 Braves

  1. Both these guys are strikeout kings. But I suspect neither will be with us next year. Getting rid of Johnson was almost as monumental as unloading BJ.

  2. I don’t know how the money coming back makes things shake out, but I could see us cutting either one of these guys after the season.

  3. I Don’t love the move, but it certainly beats seeing that hothead everyday for the next 2 + years. Atleast we have proven players that could bounce back to form instead of 1 player who never played to the caliber of his current contract. And

  4. Teams will trade for them next year if they produce. They will not hit vesting options for 2017 and teams in need will make trades because the financial impact for beyond next year is zero. Yes, the Braves would need to take on some of the remaining $$ but so what? That just means a better prospect in return. They are also good clubhouse guys and we get rid of a bad clubhouse guy. That’s better than any other part of this trade.

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