Open thread, 8/4, #Braves vs. Rob Schneiders

Savor last night’s stirring victory, because wins may be tough to come by in the weeks ahead as Freddie returns to the DL (strained oblique).

This weekend should be fun regardless, as the Braves have a ton of big names coming in for their annual alumni event. Naturally, the Braves marketing and promotions geniuses have their heads up their asses, scheduling the on-field ceremony recognizing the ’95 team before Friday’s game vs. the Marlins. You know, when people are still sitting in traffic or just taking their seats.

Why not have it on Saturday, when fans can reasonably get to Turner Field a little early? Doing so during Friday rush hour is almost impossible. And if past ceremonies are any guide, they’ll make no mention of the team and its accomplishments during the game. Can’t go one night without the Kiss-Cam and Mark Owens’ blathering.

Here’s the line-up, which inspires little confidence that Shelby Miller might finally get some run support.

Markakis, Perez, Pierzynski, CJ (1B), Maybin, Peterson, Garcia, Castro, Miller


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