Open Thread, Aug. 3, #Braves vs. the Jim Joneses

Quite a treat to see Julio pitch like Julio away from home. Folty goes tonight. The rest of the season is his chance to audition for the 2016 rotation. So far, he’s sort of a far less accomplished–maybe a homeless man’s– A.J. Burnett: lightning fastball and a snapping curveball but spotty success.

The Giants somehow keep keeping on. They had a 14-10 July and sit just 2.5 games behind the Dodgers. Matt Cain makes his sixth start tonight. He’s been so-so so far, having allowed four earned in two of his past three starts with a 4.50 ERA for the season.

Coming off a godawful road trip and with little on the line, the Ted figures to be fairly quiet these next few evenings. Tonight’s lineup:

Markakis, Maybin, Freeman, Pierzynski, Garcia, Peterson, Perez, Castro, Folty.


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