Open Thread, July 30, #Braves vs. the Bill Cosbys

We learned this afternoon that the trade also includes dumping about $14 million owed to Bronson Arroyo. I must admit, I’d forgotten he was an employee of the Braves organization.

I can see how people would come down on either side on this deal, but I trust Hart and Coppy. Right-handed power bats, especially at a position of need, are scarce these days. If Olivera is what he’s supposed to be, he’ll be a huge bargain at about $6 million a year for the next five seasons. On the whole, I think I kinda like it. I’m excited to see Olivera in a Braves uni.

Losing Johnson and Avilan doesn’t much bother me. The former was gone after this season, and the latter has been erratic in his young career. And as CB points out, the Braves will have dough to spend this offseason on a catcher — Wieters? — or perhaps a left fielder, maybe both. If Olivera doesn’t pan out, then this trade will probably look bad.

Losing Grilli to injury obviously robbed the Braves of a major trade chip here at deadline time. Hard to know what they might’ve gotten for him, but he would presumably have sweetened a deal like this one with the Dodgers, or brought a decent return in a separate trade.

Tonight’s tilt is kind of an afterthought, I guess. Maybe Miller can finally get a win. In his past 8 starts the Braves have scored a total of ONE run while he’s been in the game. One. Astounding. Against Harang in his first start back from injury, and no doubt a showcase for other teams, perhaps the offense can do something.

These guys will try: Markakis, Maybin, Freddie, Garcia, Pierzynski, CJ, Peterson, Simmons, Miller.


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  1. I think the way to look at this trade is that the Braves traded Johnson, Avilan and Wood for Oliveira, Rodriguez and Bird, and then had to include Peraza in the deal in order for the Dodgers to swallow the rest of Arroyo’s contract and pay all of the $28 million in bonuses Oliveira was due. Not that that makes me like the deal any more.

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