Open thread, 7/29, #Braves vs. David Hasselhoffs

Manny Banuelos was supposed to pitch tonight. The Braves say his left shoulder inflammation is no big deal, but that’s what they always say. Considering Banuelos’ injury history, there’s reason to be concerned.

And there’s reason to be concerned about Julio, whose road struggles remind me of Smoltzie’s wretched first half in 1991. Like Julio, Smoltz was 24 at the time and had two promising seasons under his belt. I’m not sure what exactly is causing Julio’s problems but they seem more confidence-driven than anything.

Folty gets the start tonight, and from what we read he doesn’t take instruction well. His stuff is as good as anyone’s — he should know by now that’s not enough.

At least he’ll be familiar with the line-up backing him tonight, featuring three Gwinnett teammates:

Markakis (DH), Maybin, Freddie, Adonis (RF), Pierzynski, Simmons, Peterson, Perez, Castro 


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 7/29, #Braves vs. David Hasselhoffs

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  1. Braves are trading Alex Wood, Jose Peraza & Jim Johnson in the three team trade according to MLBtraderumors.
    What will they get back?????

  2. Hector Oliveira and Zach Bird (a pitcher with lousy numbers at high-A). Avilan apparently is also part of the deal, but not Peraza. If Peraza IS part of the deal, the trade is bloody disaster.

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