Open Thread, July 28, #Braves vs. the Matt Drudges


The Braves have scored 34 runs in their past 15 games. They’ll face a pitcher tonight, one-time no-hit artist Ubaldo Jiminez, who has allowed 14 runs in his past two starts.

Maybe the Bravos can scratch out two, three tonight. Good luck, Julio. Maybe the offense will improve once Freddie gets back into the swing. For tonight, our cleanup hitters is a 30-year-old Cuban rookie named Adonis. Why not, though? He’s been the team’s only power threat lately. Fredi should be hitting and running and stealing and generally trying anything to spark some kind of offense.

It ain’t like the O’s have been bashing. They’re averaging just 3.2 runs a game during an 8-13 July. They’re a club clearly headed downward, though this series could change that. After all, at .500 they are just 3 games out of a wild card spot.

Tonight’s lineup: Markakis, Maybin, Freddie, Adonis, Pierzynski, Gomes LF (why?), Peterson, CJ DH, Simmons.


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