Open thread, 7/27, #Braves vs. Spiro Agnews

Nick Markakis is to Baltimore what Sid Bream was to Pittsburgh — a nice player who’s probably going to be greeted like a conquering hero when he makes his first return visit. Mark Bowman reported that while teams have inquired on Markakis the Braves have no interest in moving him. Hard to understand, since John Hart just dealt another left-handed hitting outfielder, one with a higher OPS who’s owed $32 million less, to the Mets for two mediocre pitching prospects.

I’m not going to raise a ruckus about the Mets trade but I don’t really understand the team’s thinking. Why not wait until the final hours of the deadline in hopes of finding a team desperate enough to overpay? Long relievers are a dime a dozen and not worth the cost of having to watch Chris Johnson get more playing time.

Fortunately CJ is not in tonight’s line-up:

Markakis, Maybin, Freddie, AJ (DH), Adonis Garcia 3B, Peterson, Simmons, Lavarnway, Perez (Wood)


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