Open Thread, July 26, #Braves vs the Sanford Family

More of the same last night for Shelby Miller. A dominant, dominant start and the Braves lose even though the Cardinals got two hits. The bench coach and I saw a movie. I got in the car, turned on the radio.

The game was scoreless in the 8th, but of course I assumed St. Louis would win. Minutes later, it was 1-0.

Miller could end up having a Cy Young-type season with single-digit wins.

Today, young Wisler goes against young Wacha. Young Wacha is an established top-flight big leaguer. Maybe Freeman will bring some magic. Nice to see the big lug back, and much sooner than expected a few days ago. No lineups posted yet.


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  1. When you see the season Shelby Miller is having, it reinforces why everyone should be on the player’s side when they negotiate salary.

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