Open Thread, July 26, #Braves vs the Sanford Family

More of the same last night for Shelby Miller. A dominant, dominant start and the Braves lose even though the Cardinals got two hits. The bench coach and I saw a movie. I got in the car, turned on the radio.

The game was scoreless in the 8th, but of course I assumed St. Louis would win. Minutes later, it was 1-0.

Miller could end up having a Cy Young-type season with single-digit wins.

Today, young Wisler goes against young Wacha. Young Wacha is an established top-flight big leaguer. Maybe Freeman will bring some magic. Nice to see the big lug back, and much sooner than expected a few days ago. No lineups posted yet.


One comment

  1. When you see the season Shelby Miller is having, it reinforces why everyone should be on the player’s side when they negotiate salary.

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