Open Thread, July 24, #Braves vs. the Jimmy Connorses

We probably won’t see many more Manny starts this season, as the organization has him on an innings count after TJ surgery. Enjoy them while we can. He’s shown much promise, and I suspect we’ll see a lot more of him next season.

Tonight, he’ll face the team with baseball’s best record. But so far, so good for the Bravos against this tough stretch of the schedule. If they come through the next couple weeks breaking even — as they are 3-3 since the break — that would be a huge victory. Things figure to be a bit more difficult on the road. Our boys are 19-30 away from Hank Aaron Drive, 26-20 at home. Sort of like Julio.

Speaking of, Rosenthal has reported that, perhaps taking a cue from CB, the Bravos’ brass has indeed at least considered the possibility of trading Teheran. If you get back a player who is the offensive equal of JT as a pitcher — I don’t have a name in mind, but a young, relatively inexpensive player who is accomplished and a potential multiple all-star — then maybe you do it. Yeah, we have a lot of young pitchers, but they are mostly prospects. And I think of Wainwright.

On the other hand, the Braves need offense. No debate there. Still, I’d be wary of moving Julio. I trust Hart and Coppy will handle the situation deftly.

Tonight’s lineup isn’t posted yet. Braves are facing a lefty, so we’ll probably see C. Johnson and Gomes.


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