Open Thread, July 22, #Braves vs. Mindy Cohns

Odds would seem to be against sweeping the first-place Dodgers, but we’ll know the outcome in about four hours.

As we know Julio is good here and he’s pitching here today. I know next to nothing, or actually nothing about Bolsinger, the Dodger hurler today. He has decent stats but is 27 and making just his 24th big league start. With Ryu out, the dropoff in the LA rotation after Kershaw and Grienke is pretty startling.

In other news, interesting to see CJ in the lineup vs. a righty. It would appear he is definitely being showcased for a possible trade. He’s made little secret of his desire to leave, and it’s been no secret the Braves would prefer to see him go. CJ’s contract–with two years, $17.5 million minimum to go after this season–is another anchor forged by Frank Wren.

Today’s lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, KJ 1B, CJ 3B (wonder how often two guys with the same last name have hit back-to-back in the bigs), Pierzynski, Perez, Simmons, Teheran.


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