Trade talk: #Braves, Mets a good fit

The Mets, as you’ve probably heard, need offense. But getting the bat(s) they need won’t be easy because A.) The Mets are cheap an B.) they have no intention of dealing any of their prized young arms.

The Braves have a number of players that could help contenders, but individually they are unlikely to bring back anything beyond a marginal prospect. Better one good prospect than three mediocre ones.

Here’s my pitch: Uribe, Pierzynski and KJ, if necessary, for C Kevin Plawecki. The Mets rookie backstop arrived in the majors earlier than anticipated due to injuries to Travis D’Arnaud and has struggled at the plate, batting .238 with a .603 OPS. But he’s a .292 hitter in 296 minor league games, good for a .368 OBP and .435 slugging. He was ranked the 6th best catching prospect prior to the season by

“Throughout his climb up the Mets’ ladder, Plawecki has shown a penchant for making consistent contact. He rarely strikes out and has hit for average at every stop, with a career .295 average entering the 2015 season. He has a contact-over-power approach, but he does have enough strength to clear some fences. Plawecki hit 11 homers in 2014 and that sounds about right in terms of what’s fair to expect in the future. Drafted as an offensive-minded backstop, Plawecki has been solid behind the plate, with good hands and enough agility to block balls well. His arm is average, and he’s never going to be the kind of catcher who completely shuts down a running game.”

Uribe, Pierzynski and KJ won’t cost the Mets much, and all are free agents at the end of the year. And D’Arnaud blocks Plawecki’s path in Flushing.



5 thoughts on “Trade talk: #Braves, Mets a good fit

  1. Uribe and KJ each have a higher OPS than anyone in the Mets line-up. Pierzynski would rank third. The Mets don’t want to give up any money — they’re going to have to give up something.

  2. If that trade were to happen, the Braves would be lucky to win 20 more games this season. Which would be fine, except we’d also have to see much more of Chris Goddamned Johnson. If I never see him again it will be too soon.

  3. I’m okay with it. But Chris Johnson is so out of here that Fredi is packing his bags for me daily. Plus I don’t see two teams a few games apart in the standings in the same division doing this unless it was August 31st.

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