Open thread, 7/21, #Braves vs. Paris Hiltons

It’s a good thing most of Alex Wood’s starts have come on the road, where he has a 3.11 ERA and 1.341 WHIP. At Turner Field, Wood is a Stults-ian 1-3 with a 5.18 ERA and 1.697 WHIP.

His struggles have escalated of late, giving up 10 hits in three of his last four starts. Fortunately few of those hits have been homers — Wood has allowed only 6 this year.

Here’s the line-up, which again begs the question: Has there ever been a worse clean-up hitter than Chris Johnson, batting 4th for the seventh time tonight?

Peterson 4 Maybin 8 Markakis 9 C. Johnson 3 Uribe 5 Gomes 7 Simmons 6 Lavarnway 2 Wood 1


7 thoughts on “Open thread, 7/21, #Braves vs. Paris Hiltons

  1. Do the Braves announcers really buy what Fred is selling that it doesn’t matter whether Markakis
    hits 1 or 20 homers?

  2. They buy whatever management is selling. There’s a big difference in being a homer and being a shill — Skip, Pete and Ernie were the former, the current quartet, the latter.

  3. Be that as it may, the Braves played a hell of a game tonight, one of the best of the season. Great games by, yep, Chris Johnson and Markakis. Wood was terrific after a couple early runs, as was Avilan. He fell behind his first hitter 3-0, got him, then pitched around the error. Really nice win. How crazy would it be if the Braves swept the Dodgers? Sorry to be happy about the Braves. I realize that’s unfashionable, but I really enjoy watching this team.

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