Open Thread, July 20, #Braves vs. the Kardashians

Let’s brighten the mood here. Freeman might be back by the weekend. Yea! The Braves won’t face Kershaw or Greinke in this series. Yea!

Tonight we’ll see old pal Brandon Beachy. Probably yea!

He was shaky in his first post-surgery start. But if anything could get him on track, it’s probably the punchless Braves. Maybe facing a righty with a creaky arm will get Jace Peterson started. He’s hitting leadoff again tonight. The time might be nigh to juggle the batting order, maybe flip Jace and Maybin, or put Maybin at leadoff, Markakis second, and then figure it out from there.

The schedule for the next few series is stiff: Dodgers, Cardinals, Orioles, Phillies (flaccid), Giants. So Freddie’s return will be most welcome. Of course, he won’t be in there tonight:

Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Uribe, Terdo 1B, Perez, Simmons, Wisler.


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