Open thread, 7/19, #Braves vs. the Bartmans

Friday’s win aside, it’s depressing to see your home field overtaken by fans for the other team. It’s also depressing when your overmatched manager is re-signed for another season. And listening to PED Byrd call a game would depress Norman Vincent Peale.

With Jake Arrieta pitching for the Cubs, it’s going to be a challenge to, as Byrd would probably say, turn that frown upside down.

Despite a .160 BA in July, with 16 strikeouts in 13 games, Fredi continues to bat Jace Peterson lead-off. Why not give Eury Perez a look? And maybe let him run for change — he had 30 steals in the minors but has yet to even attempt one with the Braves.

But Fredi’s stubborn about being dumb. Why else would you continue to bat Nick Markakis in the middle of the order?

Speaking of Markakis, the Braves have appealed last night’s decision to change his hit to an error. Never mind that it was clearly an error.

The line-up:

Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, KJ, Pierzynski, Ciriaco, Perez, Simmons, Miller


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