Open Thread, 7/17, #Braves. vs. John Wayne Gacys

Using Gacy here might be a tad distasteful. Hey, I’m in a hurry. I actually like Chicago. Doesn’t mean I like the little bears, though, nor fans of the team.

I suspect they will be plentiful on Hank Aaron Drive this weekend. I don’t particularly enjoy being around lots of people rooting the other team. For that reason among others, I probably won’t be at the yard over the next three days. Like anyone really cares whether I’ll be there.

Anyhow, Freddie’s gone for at least another couple weeks. At least that’ll make it easier for Hart to decide whether to buy or sell, if it was much of a question. Absent our best hitter and effective closer, as Archie in Repo Man said, “The lights are growing dim” on the 2015 Bravos season.

Nonetheless, this team is still far more rootable and fun to watch than last season’s edition. I suspect they’ll continue scratching and clawing, undermanned though they generally will be. We might get to see Paraza and Mallex Smith. We know we’ll see plenty more of Wisler, Banuelos, Vizcaino and perhaps Folty in relief. I’m guessing we will see Julio T. turn it around on the road and thus turn in a solid second half.

All that will be worth watching.

Tonight’s Bravos lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, KJ 1B, Uribe, Pierzynski, Andrelton, E. Perez LF, Julio T.



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  1. Ahem, that was what Duke, not Archie, says after being shot during the liquor store robbery. Followed by, “I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry pass … and yet .. I blame society … society made me what I am.” And yes I cheated by finding a .pdf of the screenplay onlline (although I have a copy of it out in the garage somewhere, but I didn’t feel sufficiently motivated to ferret it out). Archie gets zapped after he opens the trunk of the Chevy Malibu, so he doesn’t really get a dying line.

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