Friday free-for-all

  • Julio Teheran for Yasiel Puig would never happen, but it makes sense for both teams. Would contradict the Braves’ emphasis on “good character” guys but I’d do it in a heartbeat. JT is the only Brave who could fetch what this team still needs — young hitters. I haven’t given up on him by any means, but you deal from strength, and right now young pitching is all the Braves have.
  • Another trade that would fill major holes for both teams: Jose Peraza to the Yankees for catching prospect Gary Sanchez. Attitude problems have dimmed Sanchez’s star but reportedly he’s grown up a bit this year. The 22-year-old Dominican has 12 HR in 57 games for Double-A Trenton, good for a .476 slugging percentage.
  • Getting a catcher is a must, and if the Giants offered Andrew Susac I’d consider parting with Cameron Maybin. But I doubt that’ll happen. Maybin’s consistency suggests his turnaround is legit — he hit .290 in May, .314 in June and .333 so far in July.
  • Mark Bowman reported the Braves were looking to pair Jason Grilli and Jim Johnson in a deal, which makes sense. Better to get one good prospect for two marginal ones. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them attempt the same thing with Johnson and Juan Uribe.
  • I’m trying not to put too much stock into John Hart’s comments to Jeff Schultz about Fredi (‘he’s done a superior job.”) Remember, Hart once said he had no intention of trading Gattis or Kimbrel.
  • If the Braves wanted to blame their dismal TV ratings on Chip, I wouldn’t complain.
  • Who am I kidding? Chip and Fredi ain’t going anywhere, unfortunately, and neither are the 2015 Braves. It could get ugly, but at least it’ll be interesting.

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