#Braves association

Nick Markakis = Dion James (minus power and about $45 million)

Markakis w/ the Braves: .293 BA, .378 OBP, .353 slugging

James w/ Atlanta: .283-.374-.402


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  1. Having nailed the record for consecutive errorless games, Markakis has set his sights on the record for consecutive homerless games.

  2. He’s got a long way to go to catch former Brave Woody Woodward, who played well over 700 games to begin his career before hitting his first and only one. And if you count pitchers, former Brave Hoyt Wilhelm hit a homer in his first big-league at-bat, then appeared in 1,069 more games without ever hitting another.

    And if Fredi knew that you shouldn’t use your closer in the 9th inning of a tie game on the road, then we’d still have one.

  3. Well, Markakis has yet to hit a double by stoning a bird to death with a flyball.Dion’s still one up on him….

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