Open thread, 7/9, #Braves vs. .500

The Braves just can’t seem to break .500. But few, especially yours truly, thought they’d be anywhere near break-even at the break. Even without Freddie, the offense, save for one really bad week, has rebounded, albeit vs. the Phils and Brewers.

That’s likely to continue tonight in Coors Field, with one of the worst pitchers in the majors on the mound for the Rockies. Yes, Kyle Kendrick has enjoyed considerable success against the Bravos, but that’s a pretty useless stat considering almost every Brave is new to the team.

In other news, Tyrell Jenkins dominated in his debut with Gwinnett, hurling seven shutout innings, walking one and striking out 6. And this year’s top draft pick, southpaw Kolby Allard, signed today, ending worries he might bolt for UCLA.

The line-up:

Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, KJ (LF), Uribe, Pierzynski, CJ (1B), Simmons, Wood 


One thought on “Open thread, 7/9, #Braves vs. .500

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  1. I knew that the Heyward deal was a good deal, but it was a heartbreaker. I definitely would rather see Jay-Hey out there in RF instead of Markakis.

    Still, it will be nice to see Jenkins up with the big club.

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