Open thread, 7/7, #Braves vs. John Jahas

Folty’s back to work out of the ‘pen, giving the Braves two right-handed power arms (Arodys the other) that can touch triple digits on the radar. Don’t be surprised if one of them is closing by season’s end, assuming Grilli is traded. Toronto has expressed interest and I suspect there will be others.

There figures to be plenty of interest in Cameron Maybin, as well, but unless someone blows Hart away I think he stays. And he should. If he maintains his current numbers he’s a bargain at $17 million over two years (the second being a club option). He’s still only 28 and offers some right-handed punch, an increasingly rare commodity. Maybin has an .872 OPS against southpaws this year.

Andrelton has the night off. The rest of the line-up:

Peterson 4, Maybin 8, Markakis 9, KJohnson 3, Uribe 5, Pierzynski 2, Ciriaco 6, Perez 7, Banuelos 1


One thought on “Open thread, 7/7, #Braves vs. John Jahas

  1. Maybe Im man crushing, but I want to see Maybin in center or left for a long time. It sounds like he wants to be here too. Love the move to send Folty in the pen for the remainder of the year, too. Heres to (hopefully) another W tonight

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