#Braves attendance cratering

Sorry ’bout the lack of an OT today. Not much worth commenting about, it turns out.

More than 44,000 fans showed up on a soggy Independence Day 30 years ago to watch a 5th place team play the Mets.

Last night, the Braves could attract only 34,000-plus to The Ted. You have to go back to 1988, when July 4th fell on a Monday, to find a smaller home holiday crowd. And that team was historically bad.

Saturday’s relatively small crowd is no outlier.

Last season, a two-game, weekday series against the Red Sox drew approximately 86,000. This year’s two-gamer against Boston attracted roughly 23,000 fewer fans.

The only NL teams with a worse per-game average than the Bravos this year? Miami and Philly. Atlanta’s 25,058 average is down 4,302, from 2014, the steepest decline in the majors. And it’s likely to keep dropping; a little more than 18,000 turned out to watch the series finale with the Phils — the only game on Sunday to draw less than than 20,000.

The Braves are on pace to reach 2 million — barely. But, with school starting back in a month and the gap with the Nats widening, I doubt they get there. That hasn’t happened since 1990, when then the Braves failed to attract even one million fans.

I think the move to Cobb is a bigger factor than the Braves will admit, but low expectations probably have more to do with the apathy. Although the Bravos have overachieved, the fan base remains unconvinced they’re a contender.

The drop would probably not be as pronounced if the Braves lowered prices on tickets and concessions. Crappy promotions aren’t much of a lure, but the unimaginative marketing department knows no other way.


3 thoughts on “#Braves attendance cratering

  1. “move to Cobb a factor” you think?! How clearer could mgmt be about it’s priorities: i.e., from baseball to real estate development. I was a fan from the day they moved from Milwaukee; and left then the day they decided to leave Atlanta

  2. Who really gives a shit if the team moves. Attendance is down because you guys have told people not to come because the team sucks. Don’t blame it on moving to Cobb. Blame it on the fact that that this team was doomed from the first trade during the off season. Why trade this guy, or that guy. It had to be done sometime, why not now. Wonder who will be kissing the front offices asses when this team turns into a winner again. This is the team we have, deal with it. They have more heart than any team in the past 10 yrs!

  3. I’d love to think we had that much power to keep fans away. Obviously you haven’t read this blog much because we’ve been mostly complimentary of John Hart’s moves.

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