Open Thread, July 4, #Braves vs. John Kincades

On paper, or in pixels, Alex Wood should have his way tonight. The only guy in the Phils’ lineup who scares you even a little is Maikel Franco, the rookie third sacker. Frenchy is hitting cleanup. What else do you need to know.

Of course, KJ is hitting fourth for Los Bravos. But the Phils tonight are among few lineups inferior to the Freeman-free Braves. And on the hill, journeyman Kevin Correia hurls for the cats from the Ciudad de Brotherly Love. Again, should be advantage home team.

But one cannot count on such things.

Elsewhere in me mind, I keep waiting for Fredi to give Peterson a day off. He’s hit .167 in his past 15 games, with 15 Ks. He’s lost 28 points off his batting average in the past 11 days. Yikes. Dude needs a rest.

Not so Alex Wood. He has a 2.51 earnie in his past seven starts and a 1.22 WHIP. Nice turnaround. Through seven starts he had a 4.28/1.58. Batting average against him has slid from .314 to .287. Still not ideal, but he’s on the right path. Happy birthday, US ofA, happy Rick Camp Day, as CB saluted in an earlier post.

Tonight’s lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, KJ 1b, Uribe, Pierzynski, Simmons, E. Perez, Wood.


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