Open Thread, July 2, #Braves vs. John Lannans

Unfortunately, Lannan won’t be pitching for the Beltway Bandits tonight. Instead we get the guy who’s had about as good a run lately as anyone in the past 30 or so years.

But, hey, Scherzer has to have a crappy outing one of these nights. Why not tonight? Manny Banuelos would doubtless be grateful, as he toes a big league slab for the first time. It’d be pretty cool if he and Wisler put up back-to-back Ws.

That’s a lot to ask under the circumstances, but who knows? It’d be quite a feat for the Braves to take this series, whoever gets the win. Uribe’s homered in consecutive games. Maybe he’ll make it a threesome.

For Banuelos, I would normally say it’s good news to see Uggla in the lineup. But as his entire season’s production has come in one game against the team that’s still paying off his criminal contract, I’m not sure that is in fact good news.

The Bravos who’ll tangle with Scherzer: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis (will he hit a HR this season?), Pierzynski, Uribe, KJ, Simmons, E. Perez, ManBan.

And we’ll be without Freeman until after the break. That’s not terribly surprising. Still sucks.


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, July 2, #Braves vs. John Lannans

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  1. Funny that you use Lannan as the title player in the post; I remember he always seemed to have our number for some reason…

  2. That was nice. Here, CB and I fretted about the Braves winning even a game in this series, and they take two of three. Nice work, boys, especially Wisler and Banuelos.

  3. That the Braves could lose 9 straight to these guys, only to win 2 in a row behind guys with virtually no big-league experience, is what makes baseball such a great game.

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