Open Thread, June 30, #Braves vs. Antonin Scalias

Bleak tidings: Word is Freeman won’t come off the DL when he’s eligible, and Fredi says Freddie’s bum wrist is not improving.


Bad wrists can be bad news in baseball. So we could be without the cornerstone of the offense for a while. The Braves were not a pitcher’s Freddie Kruger even with Freddie. Over the past 30 games, the Bravos have hit 15 homers. Freddie had six. So today’s Braves have banged but nine taters in the past 30 tilts. Seven big leaguers by themselves have hit at least that many in that period.

If Freddie is out for a few weeks, Shelby Miller, tonight’s starter, might need loads of fortune to win 10 games this season. He’s on pace for 220 innings pitched and an ERA around 2. His season could be the latest example of how misleading a pitcher’s win-loss record can be. Yet that doesn’t keep Joe and Chip from referring to it if it were telling. Not about Miller, but in general.

Anyway, this series looks daunting with a capital DAUNT. DAUNT do it!!! We have to.

The Bravos have averaged 2 runs a game over the past 10. We get Zimmerman, Fister and Scherzer. Miller, Wisler and probably Manny Banuelos, who’s likely to debut Thursday, might need to all pitch 10 shutout innings for the home squad to have a shot. Who the hell knows, though? The assemblage of jack asses and lollygaggers from DC has not been mauling offensively. They’ve only scored six more runs in June than have the Braves. But they are 8-2 in their past 10, averaging 4.7 runs per. And they’ve given up 22 runs in those 10 outings.

Baseball is a funny game. But it generally ain’t that funny.

Giving it a go tonight for our worthies: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Uribe, KJ LF, Terdo 1B, Simmons, Miller.



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