Open thread, 6/26, #Braves vs. Chad Hermansens

With lefties batting under .200 vs. Francisco Liriano, you’d assume your best right-handed hitter would be in the line-up to face the Pirates starter. But as Coach Manning told the Bad News Bears, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. Cameron Maybin is on the bench because Fredi is a slave to match-ups and the Braves CF is 0-for-5, with 5 strikeouts, against Liriano. But that was before prior to 2015. Maybin’s OPS vs. southpaws this year: .868.

The good guys are fortunate to avoid Cole and Burnett this weekend, but Liriano has been just as dominant, allowing only 59 hits in 88-1/3 IP. He’s averaging better than a strikeout per inning and his walks per 9 are down from 4.5 in 2014 to 2.9.

The line-up:

Peterson 4, E. Perez 8, Markakis 9, C. Johnson 3, Uribe 5, Simmons 6, Gomes 7, Lavarnway 2, W. Perez 1


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/26, #Braves vs. Chad Hermansens

  1. Criminal mismanagement by Frediot in handling Perez and his injury tonight. Is he going to have to let somebody like Simmons get ruined before he’s shitcanned?

  2. He let him throw six more pitches. As it turned out, he should’ve removed Perez immediately, but criminal? Man, some of you guys jump on Fredi if he sits in a different spot in the dugout.

  3. What if his foot was broken and he exacerbated the injury into a season ending one? You don’t take chances with valuable assets.

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