Open Thread, June 25, #Braves vs. Bruce Hooper’s hairdo*

Bravos played them tough the past two nights and could easily have won both games. Alas, a double play that wasn’t, an ill-advised baserunning gamble and a lot of tough Gnats’ pitching and they lost both instead.

With young Wisler making his first road start, Freddie out and the Braves scuffling a bit with the sticks, it’s feeling like a sweep might be a comin’. But we shall see. These feelings are often wrong. No Andrelton today. I assume it’s a routine day off.

The lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, Pierzynski, Terdo 1B, KJ 3B, Gomes LF, Ciriaco SS, Wisler.

* The d-bag told MLB Network he spends a half hour primping before each game.


1 Comment

  1. So far, so bad. 3-0. Wisler getting knocked around and the Braves have made two errors.

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