Open thread, 6/23, #Braves vs. Wayne LaPierres

Stephen Strasburg is supposed to take the mound tonight, unless the lightning scares him off.

As you’ve heard by now, Freddie is on the DL. The timing couldn’t be worse, as the Braves play 6 of their next 9 against the Nats (sandwiched between a trip to Pittsburgh). If the Braves survive this stretch then count me as a believer.

Once again Fredi does something that makes no sense, starting Chris Johnson at 1B instead of KJ. CJ has seven singles and one double in 29 AB’s against Strasburg, with 9 K’s. So the Braves have exactly zero left-handed power going against the fireballing right-hander.

Peterson 4, Maybin 8, Markakis 9, Pierzynski 2, Uribe 5, CJohnson 3, Simmons 6, Perez 7, Wood 1 


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