Open thread, 6/21, #Braves vs. Adam Sandlers

I guess we’re in a pennant race, but I’m a little worried about Freddie, who’s got an appointment with a wrist specialist. The timing is not good, as the Braves head to Washington tomorrow. More on the Touki trade later.

The line-up:

Peterson 4, Maybin 8, K Johnson 3, Markakis 9, Uribe 5, Simmons 6, Perez 7, Lway 2, Teheran 1


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/21, #Braves vs. Adam Sandlers

  1. Julio Teherán is the most frustrating pitcher the Braves have had in a while, especially this year. He’ll throw a game like he did today, then follow it with something meh, then get clobbered, and then, once you’d just about written him off, throw another game like today. He makes me crazy.

  2. I wish Keith Law had been in the booth today so he could have told Glavine that all of that stuff about veterans helping young players wasn’t true…

  3. The Braves offense has been a surprise so far this year.
    Every position player has an OPS above the NL average at
    their respective positions (except for Markakis, Gomes & C Johnson).
    Markakis is slightly below average.

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