Open Thread, June 19, #Braves vs. Jordan Belforts (Wolves of Wall Street)


Matt Wisler will toe his first big league slab tonight. That’s exciting. Less exciting for Matt, and for the Bravos: Jacob deGrom is starting for the other side. He’s been really good lately, including his last outing against our lads. The long-haired Floridian has allowed six earned runs in his past six starts.

He’s given up an average of five hits a start for the season, good for a sub-1 WHIP. Yikes. That’s naisty. And he won’t have to face Freddie, who hopes to play tomorrow but also told the local organ that it’s possible he goes to the DL. That would blow, severely. Without Freddie, tonight’s lineup includes just two players who were Braves in 2014, CJ and Andrelton.

On the bright side for us, the Mets are just 5-5 in their past 10, including that one against the Braves that they never should have won. And NY has only scored 36 runs in those 10, so they ain’t a bunch of mashers coming into town.

Wisler has been a little up-and-down at Gwinnett. He doesn’t walk many, though, fewer than 2 per 9 innings. Whatever happens, it’ll be interesting to see the dude work.

Tonight’s home nine: Peterson, Maybin, KJ 1B, Markakis, C. Johnson, Pierzynski, Simmons, Perez LF, Wisler.




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