Open Thread, June 18, #Braves vs. the Sheldon Adelsons

With Miller hurling, one likes the Braves’ chances to take three of four from the loathsome lot from Taxachusetts. The opposing twirler, Clay Bungholes, has had an erratic season, with a 4.22 ERA and 1.3-something WHIP. But Bungholes has actually been pretty good since early May, sporting a 3.02 earnie in his past seven starts.

Miller has indeed been the champagne of beers, er, pitchers this season for our Bravos. In 13 starts, he’s allowed more than two earned runs just twice. He’s given up more than three earned just once. By contrast, Bungholes has allowed more than 3 ERs five times. But again, he’s been better lately, so we shall see.

A few interesting notes about tonight’s lineup. Freeman is out with a bum wrist. Andrelton is back. And KJ will play first, while just-recalled-from-Buford Eury Perez starts in left.

Turning to last night, that was a pretty satisfying victory. And with a crowd of about 28,000 it appears a few thousand bandwagoneers stayed away with their team safely buried in the AL East standings. Let us hope that team stays buried. Of course, as has often happened this season a number of Braves fans stayed away, too, including me. As explained in this space, I cannot stomach being surrounded by people wearing that infernal B logo.

This evening’s Bravo lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Markakis, Uribe, Pierzynski, Simmons 6, KJ, E. Perez, Miller.



One thought on “Open Thread, June 18, #Braves vs. the Sheldon Adelsons

  1. Ha! I spot two Mike Judge references in the first paragraph! Now if you could only find a way to work in one from Silicon Valley…

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