Could another San Diego import be next #Braves manager?

Bud Black, fired today by the Padres, is well-regarded within baseball circles. He’s known for an intellectual approach to managing and is expected to have no trouble landing another job.

Could he resurface with the Braves? Ken Rosenthal recently reported that the Braves GM is no fan of Fredi — not known for his intellectual approach to managing — and Black served as a special assistant to John Hart when he was with the Indians.

Forget Black’s losing record — he had little to work with in San Diego. A reunion with Hart would be a welcome¬†development.



  1. Off topic:

    Not a huge fan of the All Star Game, but I saw a tidbit on ESPN about Omar Infante qualifying for an extra $500K if he makes the ASG this year, so I filled out a ballot putting him at 2B for the American League – I encourage anyone who is a fan of Omar (and any true Braves fans should be a fan of Omar!) to go to and put him on the ballot!!! I believe he’s currently leading all AL second basemen…

    The rest of my roster was very Braves-heavy, but I also found room for our old friend Martin Prado at 3B…love that guy too.

  2. He also has ties to JS via their days with the Royals.

    I want FG out the door so much, I almost couldn’t care less who replaces him but a guy with Bud’s pedigree would be a welcome sight around our dugout.

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