Open Thread, June 14, #Braves vs. Donald Trumps


Whatever the specific realm–sports, politics, marriage, kids, friends–things in life rarely seem to work as advertised. This Braves team is an exception. Granted, I’m not sure anyone expected the bullpen to be quite as dismal as it’s been, but all the happy talk about a scrappy club that makes contact, moves runners, hustles and never gives up?

That’s pretty much the 2015 Bravos. Does anyone think last year’s team would have won yesterday’s game? I confess I don’t have the stats handy, nor do I have time to look them up, but I’m guessing the ’14 Braves had very few comeback wins. This year’s squad comes back regularly. They don’t always win them, thanks to the shaky pen. But they battle at the plate down to the last out day in and day out.

It is, indeed, much more fun to watch than last year’s plodders. I’m wondering if BJ’s absence alone–not just his disinterested play but his sullen whispering–energizes the rest of the team. Who knows? It can’t hurt.

As for today, many would it be nice to take this series and move within 1.5 games of first place and 1 game of .500. Folty has pitched a lot like a talented youngster lately. Dillon Gee’s usually good against the Braves, but this team is so different that shouldn’t much matter.

The lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Freeman, Markakis (time to get it going, Nick), Uribe, KJ, Simmons, Bethancourt, Folty.


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  1. rankin' rob says:

    Bullpen continues to make giant sucking sound.

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