Open Thread, June 11, #Braves vs. Gary Colemans

Goodbye, Trevor Cahill. You’ll rank with the Tom Martins and Mark Redmans among the worst Braves pitchers ever.

But we Braves fans can look at it this way: he hurt the team a lot less than B.J. did, and the club only paid Trev $5.5 mill vs. $25 mill-plus for B.J. (I ain’t calling him Melvin.)

As Cahill exits, Dana Eveland enters. He’s a lefty, which we need. He’s far from a sure thing, though. Eveland was decent for the Mets last season in limited work. But lefties have hit .294 off him in his career. The Red Sux signed him to a minor league deal before spring training, then released him. The Bravos signed him to a minor league deal a few days ago.

No harm in trying. As we predicted, scouring the scrap heap, fingers crossed, is about the only option for the ailing pen. It would be dumb to deal prospects.

As for today, Julio toes the slab. He was good last time out and not bad the time before that. So maybe he’s coming around. Podrees’ starter Andrew Cashner has been a decent pitcher up to 2015 but rather indecent so far this season. His last couple starts have been lousy, so let’s hope he has a gloomy time under gloomy skies on Hank Aaron Drive this afternoon. In fact, the weather forecast is iffy. They’ll probably get it in, though.

I like the home team’s chances to score runs today. If there’s a delay and long relievers come into play, Lord knows what might happen.

Our heroes: Peterson, Maybin (who’s becoming one of my favorite Bravos), Freeman, Markakis, Uribe, KJ, Simmons, Bethancourt, Julio.


7 thoughts on “Open Thread, June 11, #Braves vs. Gary Colemans

  1. I like that Hart does not let dead weight players linger. Now, if they can get rid of Masset, that would be great.

    Off topic, but I had that 77 team photo on my wall as a kid. I always wondered why the 2 bat boys in the front row were so creepily white.

  2. Ring the bell for Dirty Rhodes, Office. He was an egg-suckin’ dog, but a helluva man.

  3. Another terrible managing job by Fredi. Bringing in Eveland was dumb as shit because you knew Justin was going to pinch hit. Which match-up you prefer: Masset vs. Venable or Eveland vs. J-Up? Fredi chose the latter.

  4. And it never even crossed his pea brain to bring in Grilli instead of that parade of questionable matchup guys.

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