Open thread, 6/8, #Braves vs. the Melvins

Melvin is back in Atlanta but won’t be in the line-up tonight. Or most nights, one assumes.

Hopefully his brother gets a nice hand from the fans tonight. In two years with the Braves Justin hit 56 homers, good for a .826 OPS.

No doubt Kimbrel will receive a warm welcome, though if you didn’t know better you’d think he was still a member of the Braves ‘pen, based on his pedestrian numbers: 4.29 ERA, 1.429 WHIP.

If only Fredi was a former Bravo. The last 10 days have probably been his worst as Braves skipper, from his mismanagement of the ‘pen to throwing Alex Wood under the bus yesterday during his postgame comments.

And it doesn’t end there. Despite getting three hits Saturday, including a walk-off HR, Christian Bethancourt is on the bench again in favor of a slumping 39-year-old. I know Shelby Miller is comfortable throwing to A.J. but I’m sure he could co-exist with Bethancourt. Again, that’s something we need to find out about our “catcher of the future” during what remains a rebuilding year.

You would think you’d want to get CB back in the line-up in hopes of building on what was his best night in the majors. Bethancourt has not impressed but, without consistent playing time, it’s impossible to judge him fairly.

And it’s not like they’re facing King Felix — Ian Kennedy and his 6.60 ERA toe the slab for the Pads.

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2 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/8, #Braves vs. the Melvins

  1. Melvin scores tying run. Grilli blows it. Kimbrel gets his 200th career save. Well that was embarrassing.

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