The joy of schadenfreude

While the media lapdogs tripped over themselves to ordain the Red Sox as favorites to win the 2015 World Series, Rowland was skeptical (from our 2015 preview):

Most overrated. Boston. Yeah, we hate the Red Sox and will never pass up an opportunity to rip them, but their rotation really sucks. They lack not only an ace but a legit second starter. Their presumptive Opening Day starter, Rick Porcello, averages 5.5 K and 10 H/9 IP for his career with a 4.30 ERA. Clay Buchholz had a 5.34 ERA, half-a-run better than free agent Justin Masterson. Joe Kelly and Wade Miley don’t miss many bats. Boston’s offense will be better, but could be limited by age (Big Phony nears 40) and injury (Hanley Ramirez has missed 110 games over the last two years).

Too generous, it turns out. Boston’s offense has sucked too, and their defense has been even worse. As for their major offseason imports

(Rusney) Castillo, Ramirez, and Sandoval have given the Red Sox a negative 1.1 WAR, according to Their salaries, counting signing bonuses, total $52.5 million this season.

So for a cost of $17.82 million so far, they have underperformed replacement players.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “The joy of schadenfreude

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  1. It’s even better when the Yankees crash and burn! So let’s hope for a midseason collapse for them (despite an inspired performance by A-Rod because he’s like the anti-Yankee now that ownership hates him)

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