#Braves need to pounce on David Aardsma

Why the urgency to get a 33-year-old reliever who’s pitched a total of 40 ML innings since 2010? Because, realistically, he’s the best the Braves are going to do.

JH isn’t willing to trade prospects or take on big contracts in his search for bullpen help, and that’s the right call.

Not that you throw 2015 away. Sometimes the scrap heap produces a useful part. You got nothing to lose by signing Aardsma, who just opted out of his contract with the Dodgers. Once a dominant closer for the Mariners, Aardsma had 15 saves and 23 Ks in 18-2/3 IP this season for Triple-A Oklahoma City.

The Braves might as well bring back David Carpenter while they’re at it.  Carp, recently DFA’d by the Yankees, wasn’t great last year for the Braves but would still be an upgrade from this current lot.

Hell, might as well add two David Carpenters in the pen. The other one, a 27-year-old former Angels farmhand with limited big league experience, has allowed just 2 ER (0 HR) in 22 innings for Gwinnett, with 20 strikeouts.


One thought on “#Braves need to pounce on David Aardsma

  1. Hell, I thought the Braves should have picked up Carlos Marmol when he was available a few weeks ago. Not that he’s any good, but at least he misses bats (as well as the strike zone).

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