Open Thread, 6/3, #Braves vs. Sheriff Joes


Pivotal game today, as a win means a .500 record on a road trip that looked daunting to start and disastrous halfway through. Folty’s starts are always interesting. I hope after consecutive gems he’s not simply due to struggle.

On the plus side, the bats have awakened in the desert, as one might expect vs. the D’back’s mediocre hurling corps. Speaking of hurling, the Bravos’ middle relief has been vomitous of late. Fix that and we might have a chance to at least contend for a wild card spot. But a remedy is surely not worth trading away any legit prospects, and I’m certain that won’t happen. More likely, we’ll see another Nick Masset or two.

Today’s heroes: Peterson, Maybin, Freddie, Markakis, C Johnson, Simmons, Cunningham, Bethancourt, Folty. Good to see Maybin back.



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  1. Van says:

    David Carpenter just got released by the Yankees. Couldn’t be any worse that what they have.

  2. Tokyokie says:

    Anthony Varvaro also got waived by the Bosox, claimed by the Little Bears, then returned to the Bosox when the Little Bears decided he wasn’t any good. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him become available again before long.

  3. charlesad says:

    Yep. Saw an O’Brien tweet saying Moylan had been called up to Gwinnett. Ditto about him. Re today’s game, have the Braves ever faced a pitcher named Rubby (pronounced Ruby, according to Powell)?

  4. charlesad says:

    Braves rubbing Rubby the wrong way today.

  5. charlesad says:

    Game far from over, though.

  6. NahaGomez says:

    And the Braves worst bullpen ever blows it again. This bullpen disaster is on JHart.

  7. Caz says:

    Despite all of this, we’re only 3 games out of first in the division. Of course, that 3 games actually feels more like 10 when I think how awful our bullpen is.

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