Fredi keeps getting dumber

On Thursday he pinch hits for his ace, with a runner on first and no outs, because “you don’t want to give outs away.”

Today, Fredi lets Julio bat with two outs, two on and the Braves up by 1.

At that moment I’m not too upset with the decision. Braves relievers have been awful on this trip and Julio had righted himself after a bad first inning.

But no. After a lead-off double by Duffy, Fredi pulls him in favor of Donnie Veal. Did he really think Veal had a better chance to get them out of  the inning than Julio. And if so, why leave Julio in to hit, especially with Freddie on the bench? (And why not bring in Avilan, who had pitched the previous two nights but had thrown just 4 pitches on Friday?)

Haven’t heard Chip and Joe utter a word about it. No surprise. I suspect Powell and Don were busy telling some homespun anecdote.

I’m sick of our announcers. I’m really sick of our manager. All of them need to go.


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  1. NahaGomez says:

    And in Donnie Veal’s last ever MLB game the Braves came back and beat the defending World Champions. Bochy did a terrible job of managing in the 9th inning. Game of the year!

  2. Johnny Tallant says:

    I don’t know if you can respond to this—but I think Fredi did a great job yesterday—Great Win—-Go braves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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