Open Thread, May 29, #Braves vs. Tucker Carlsons

Fredi probably should’ve left Miller in the game last night to bunt. He didn’t, and things quickly unraveled. Then again, the team has been starved for offense lately. But Pedro Ciriaco is not a fearsome bat off the bench.

In any case, no matter what the Braves do it seems the Giants can’t lose these days. And these games have that feel of contests the Braves have no chance of winning. I hate that. On the other hand, tonight’s San Fran starter, our old pal Huddy, is having a lousy season. His last outing was awful. Folty goes for Los Bravos and his last start was masterful. Of course, the way the Bravos have been swinging lately, Huddy’s recent history probably means nothing.

Chris Johnson returns this evening. That can’t hurt, I guess.

How is it the Giants are always coming up with these guys like Panik and Duffy? In any case, here’s tonight’s lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Freeman, Markakis, CJ, Pierzynski, Cunningham, Simmons, Folty.


One thought on “Open Thread, May 29, #Braves vs. Tucker Carlsons

  1. More bullpen atrocity, but another splendid outing by Folty. He is developing quickly.

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