Stop overestimating Jace Peterson

I have nothing against the Braves second baseman. He’s a nice player but should not in any way be viewed as a roadblock to Jose Peraza. Nor should he be seen as a potential everyday third sacker.

Peterson is batting .252. He’s getting on base at a 33 percent clip, which is okay if you’re hitting 8th but not what you want from a leadoff hitter. He has just four extra base hits and has been caught stealing 4 times in 9 attempts.

He is what he is: a utility infielder keeping second base warm until Peraza arrives. I wouldn’t read too much into Peraza playing CF yesterday for Gwinnett. Even if he was ready for the majors, which he isn’t, Peraza would fit better at 2B than in center, where Cameron Maybin (.361 OBP, .435 slugging) is providing considerable more value than Peterson.

Maybin is under contract next year for $8 million, a bargain if he continues at this pace. Plus, as a right-handed hitter, he fills a giant void.


2 thoughts on “Stop overestimating Jace Peterson

  1. I see him being more Omar Infante than Rod Gilbreath. On a very good team, he gets 300-400 AB’s in a super utility roll. This year, he should be on the field as much as possible.

  2. Let him and Peraza battle over 2B, but I cringe at the thought of Peterson at 3B. He brings to mind a considerably less doughy version of Ken Oberkfell.

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