1995 Revisited: A Maddux masterpiece

A periodic look back at the championship season. 

One month into the season (delayed due to the lockout), the Braves were still finding their groove. They were 18-12 on May 28, four games behind the red-hot Phillies.

The bats had yet to awaken. Marquis Grissom was struggling with his new team, getting on base just 28 percent of the time. Jeff Blauser was hitting .233 while the LF platoon of Ryan Klesko and Mike Kelly checked in with averages below the Mendoza line.

But they wouldn’t need offense on this day, not with Mad Dog on the mound. His seventh start would be the best of his masterful ’95 campaign.

Facing a pretty solid Astros line-up, with Biggio, Bagwell, Derek Bell and Luis Gonzalez, Maddux faced just two hitters above the minimum, striking out 7.

After Milt Thompson reached on a Jeff Blauser error in the first, Maddux retired the next 20 batters. Bagwell homered to lead off the 8th, Houston’s only hit. With one out in the 9th of a 3-1 game, Maddux walked Biggio on four pitches, bringing up Thompson as the tying run. He would ground into a game-ending double play.

The game was scoreless into the 7th when the Crime Dog connected for his only triple of the season, scoring Blauser and Chipper. Blauser added a solo shot in the top of the 9th.

The game was completed in 2 hours and 19 minutes, pretty remarkable considering Astros starter Darryl Kile walked 7 batters.


One thought on “1995 Revisited: A Maddux masterpiece

  1. Maddux probably intended to walk Biggio and knew he’d get Thompson to hit a grounder.

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