Open Thread, May 25, #Braves vs. the Lasordas

Leo Mazzone, for one, always said, in so many words, that Lasorda’s a big phony. I choose to believe him.

Tough roadie opening tonight for the Bravos. Yes, a game over .500 is a nice feat for this club. But it’s about to face the first-place Dodgers, who are 19-6 and kill the ball at home, and then the white-hot Giants. I was about to type something to the effect that the Braves never win at San Fran. Alas, they’re 7-7 at the prettiest setting in the majors over the past four seasons but just 2-5 the past two. None of which means much, as the team is totally different now. Then it’s on to Arizona.

Starting in SoCal, we get Brett Anderson tonight and then Kershaw and Greinke.

If the Braves return to the South at .500 or better, then I will begin to really believe this club can break even, and maybe do a tad better, for the season. Swinging it tonight for our homies: Peterson, Maybin, Freeman, Markakis, Gomes, Simmons, Ciriaco, Bethancourt, Williams Perez.


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