Open Thread, May 22, #Braves vs. the Lenny and Squiggies

The home nine hit the quarter pole at .500. I’ll take it. Any rational observer would call that better than expected, especially given the uneven pitching.

That has begun to change. In the past 7 games, Braves starters have a 2.09 ERA, and 5 of the 9 earned runs in that stretch were in one start by Folty. The pen’s earnie in that span is even lower.

Tonight’s starter, A. Wood, has been good in his past two outings. He’s allowed 1 earned run in 12-2/3 innings since giving up 3 in the first inning vs. the Nats. The lineup: Peterson, Maybin, Freeman, Markakis, Cunningham, Callaspo, Simmons, Bethancourt, Wood.


4 thoughts on “Open Thread, May 22, #Braves vs. the Lenny and Squiggies

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  1. I checked for the score, saw what it was and decided I needn’t watch a moment of MLB Network last night. But I was concerned because I thought it was Wood who was getting blasted, and I thought the score (11-0 at the time) seemed more like the work of Stults or Cahill U.S. Marshal. Silly me. It was both of them.

  2. Klesko used to call Maddux Squiggy for his resemblance to Landers. I always found that amusing.

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