Letterman and the ‘Fat Tub of Goo’

Via SI:

Letterman devoted the opening monologue on his June 17 late-night TV show to a weighty issue—Atlanta Braves relieverTerry Forster. “The fattest man in all of professional sports,” said Letterman, who had caught a Braves game on TV the previous weekend. “I mean the guy is a balloon. He must weigh 300 pounds. The guys doing the ball game. Skip Caray and Ernie Johnson, not once do they mention that this guy is enormous. They pretend the guy couldn’t be in better shape.

“He is a L-O-A-D. Not once, when they see this mammoth figure, this silo, get up in the bullpen…I just want them to say ‘ Terry Forster’s warming up, he’s a lefthander, an ERA of 3.5…what a fat tub of goo.’ Nobody says a thing. It ruined my weekend.”

Terry was a pretty good sport, considering. (Forster owns the highest career batting average of any player with at least 75 ABs. Terry hit .397, with a .474 slugging percentage, in 78 ABs.)


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