Rosenthal: Hart not a Fredi fan

He isn’t necessarily a favorite of the new president of baseball operations, John Hart. The Braves had lost five of six games before sweeping the Marlins, prompting internal finger-pointing, according to major-league sources. …  But it also stands to reason that Hart eventually might want his own man.

As Ken Rosenthal notes, it would be difficult to fire Fredi if the Braves hover around .500 since expectations were so low. So does that mean those of us who’d prefer another manager should root against the Braves this year?

My solution: Root for a September meltdown. The Braves will no doubt be out of it by then, and bad finishes leave a bad taste with management.


3 thoughts on “Rosenthal: Hart not a Fredi fan

  1. I don’t know what “finger pointing”means. If there was some more information, one might be able to form an opinion. We really have no idea how Hart feels about Fredi. Wren got canned when he did because he was on the verge of firing Fredi. That tells me the Cox/Schuerholz alliance is very strong.

    I will not be sad if there’s a collapse in Sept.

  2. ^ Exactly. Additionally, the odds are that at least a couple of the veteran adds we’ve got like Grilli, Johnson and KJ, will be dealt to contenders.

    Bottom line: whatever the hell it takes. We have a chance to have a rising young team and FG is nowhere near being the person who needs to be at the helm when we get it going for real.

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