Open Thread, May 16, #Braves vs. the Versailles houses

Quick question: whose annual pay is higher, Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffia or the Braves’ entire active roster?

Answer: our buddy Greg, he of the “monetizing the asset….go Braves” comments. He made $74 million last year, and minus Uggla, Kimbrel and Heyward, the Bravos’ payroll is about equal Maffia’s 2014 pay. Getting nitpicky, Greggy’s check is bigger as of now, since Chris Johnson’s on the DL. Check out this New York Times story to see how Liberty chairman John Malone lavishes C-130 loads of cash on his buddies.

On to matters on the diamond, we’ll see this afternoon if Wood can continue the good work of his last start. He settled down nicely after a rough first frame v the Nationals. Last night, Julio was hardly dominant, but at least navigated trouble sufficiently to keep the team in the game. That’s progress.

This afternoon our home boys will face Mat (yes, just one T ala Eddie Mathews) Latos. Since the Braves brutalized him in early April, he’s been pretty good, lowering his ERA from 94.50 to just under 5. Attempting to brutalize Mat again today at 1 of the clock:

Peterson, Gosselin 3B, Freeman, Markakis, Simmons, Pierzynski, Cunningham LF, Maybin, Wood.


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