Open thread, 5/15, #Braves vs. Marcos Rubios

The bad news: No KJ. The good news. No Callaspo.

I actually like Fredi’s line-up, considering what little there is to work with:

Peterson, Gosselin, Freddie, Markakis, Simmons, Cunningham, Maybin, Bethancourt, Teheran

Hopefully the move into the clean-up spot will prompt Markakis to hit more than singles. Of his 38 hits, only 5 have been for extra bases, good for a .341 slugging percentage.


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/15, #Braves vs. Marcos Rubios

  1. Right on cue — 2 bagger for Nick the Stick. And a big Fonzie thumbs up for Cunningham.

  2. I think that what you have on your hands is several deer, some big, some not so big. I usually see the spikes, and forkers rubbing on big trees. I see what you see nollmray from either a good 6 or 8, but they are usually good sized.

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