Thursday night quarterback

We weren’t advocating for the Braves to re-sign Aaron Harang. But we don’t know anything. That won’t stop up from pointing out Harang won his 4th game today for the woeful  Phils. He’s pitched at least six innings in each of his eight starts for a 2.03 ERA and 0.98 WHIP. The Phils are paying him just $5 million, with no option for 2016.

Trevor Cahill’s ERA is 4 times higher than Harang’s, his WHIP, nearly twice as high. He made it to the 6th one time and is now relegated to mop-up duty in an underwhelming bullpen. The Braves owe him $5.5 million this year and another $300,000 when they buy out his option after the season. .

Advantage: Ruben Amaro Jr. Never thought I’d type those words.


2 thoughts on “Thursday night quarterback

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  1. I was flummoxed when the Braves didn’t re-sign him. There was a stretch last season where he literally carried the team. Go figure.

  2. Isn’t Wandy Rodriquez also faring pretty decent over with the Rangers? That’s another one the Braves released during Spring Training in favor of Cahill.

    And if I remember correctly Harang has beaten us twice this year…

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