Open Thread, 5.10, #Braves vs. Regan MacNeils

I’m not sure even Elias could come up with another city that’s had two pro sports teams lose to teams from the same city on walkoffs/buzzer beaters on the same day. I suppose we can chalk it up as yet another touchstone in Atlanta sports futility.

Ah, well. Neither the Braves nor the Hawks loss was fatal to the teams’ hopes. The Hawks are still alive, though they certainly face a more daunting road. Alas, our Bravos just fell one small step below the goal of finishing .500. As for whether the Braves should have pitched to Harper in the 9th — I’m not saying it was the right move, but I doubt seriously whether many big league managers would intentionally put the winning run in scoring position with one out in the bottom of the 9th. Martin threw a slider at or below the knees, so it’s not like he was being careless.

It would be interesting to see what would happen in a similar spot today.

As for yesterday, the bigger concern really is Julio. I still think he’s just having a rough stretch, hardly uncommon for even a good young pitcher. It’s similar to what today’s starter, Alex Wood, is living. Let’s hope they both pick it up soon. Like today, for example. Natspos’ starter J. Zimmerman has been good as usual other than one awful outing in April.

This game has the feel of one of those the Braves have no chance of winning, like during one of those abominable sets against the red sux that I just can’t wait to see end. Maybe that means the Bravos win 10-1.

Trying to do that: Markakis, Simmons, Freddie, KJ, El Capitan Mediocre (Callaspo), Peterson, Bethancourt, Maybin, Wood. I think it’s the first time this season we’ve seen the same lineup.


2 thoughts on “Open Thread, 5.10, #Braves vs. Regan MacNeils

  1. Meanwhile, in today’s Wandy Rodriguez update, he got a no-decision with a 6IP, 2H, 1BB, 6K. Sure glad we got rid of him.

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